What makes us different?

We aren’t satisfied with the options people have when it comes to water. That is why we are committed to coming up with better solutions that will keep you healthy and wont hurt the environment in the process.

The truth is bottled water isn’t good for our bodies, our wallets or for the planet. The faster we get people to realize this the sooner we can start considering better alternatives. Clearly Filtered can help make a positive impact on your health, your finances and our ecosystem. It’s not the only choice, it’s the best choice.

What we’re passionate about:

We are passionate about helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that the water they drink is clean and pure.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide clean, safe drinking water to people all over the world.

We believe that clean water is a basic human right and we intend on doing everything that we can to make sure that people don’t go thirsty.

That is one reason why we donate a percentage of our company’s profits to Charity.

Our Team


President & CEO

Asaiah is a filtered water fanatic. You’d be hard pressed to find him anywhere without having a bottle nearby. When he’s not filtering water Asaiah can be found playing volleyball, mountain biking, taking pictures or working away on his Mustang.

Cool Fact: Asaiah won a gold medal for indoor volleyball at the Junior Olympics.
And we’re pretty sure Asaiah holds the record for the most parking tickets in the city of Berkeley.



Board Chair

Some of Darrell’s responsibilities include: making sure the office water pitcher is full, picking up lunch for the CF crew, adjusting the thermostat and taking out the trash. Those are not in his job description but he seems to do them anyways. Darrell is a true servant leader and a fantastic communicator. His experience as a teacher, college administrator and business consultant are invaluable assets that help guide and encourage the Clearly Filtered team. When Darrell finally sits down to write a book, it will be a best seller. So stay tuned!

Cool Fact: Darrell holds 4 degrees, including a BA, M.S., M.B.A. and Ed.D.
Also, he has an impressive baseball card collection he started when he was young.


Director of Operations

Israel is our resident energizer bunny. A former schoolteacher and avid distance runner, Israel knows both the need for the product and the potential benefit to schools and other organizations. Israel is in charge of our Clearly Filtered Fundraiser program. So if you have a group that’s looking to raise money, Israel is your go-to guy.

Cool Fact: Israel won the Maui marathon for his age group.
Israel earned 11 varsity letters in high school. That’s got to be some sort of record.



Human Resources & Customer Service

A former Cal Berkeley Water Polo goalie, Stephanie knows what it takes to face the competition head on. Hiding behind that sweet tempered smile is a ferocious competitor who excels at everything she puts her mind to. She’s the gatekeeper you have to impress in order to get an interview here at Clearly Filtered. Some say she can tell a faulty resume before even opening the attachment.

Cool Fact: Stephanie was an All-American and led her team to 2nd Place in the NCAA tournament.

Customer Service Manager

Danielle has an uncanny ability to organize and keep everyone in the Clearly Filtered office on task. Without her it’s questionable whether anything would get done. She’s also a great resource for our Fundraising program and making sure our interns are doing their job.

Cool Fact: Danielle is a excellent singer, talented baker and has an affinity for pinball machines.


Technology Guru

Matt is our resident tech guru. He is responsible for keeping us all up to date on the latest and greatest technology and answering those pesky questions like “why isn’t the ______ working?” Matt has a remarkable patience and is a great teacher; we’re very lucky to have him on board.

Cool Fact: Matt is an Apple Certified Technician, talented photographer and uncertified car nut.




Know someone who would be a good fit for our team? Send them a link to our Employment Page and have them get in touch!

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