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Brita Recall

Brita’s MASSIVE Recall – See what was affected

August 19th, 2014 According to the AP and ABC News, water filtration giant Brita has recalled over 242,000 children’s filtered water bottles for a catastrophic defect resulting in bottles breaking and creating sharp plastic shards that pose a laceration threat to the child or parent. The affected products include the…

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Traveling & Staying Hydrated

Clean Water Resource Guide You’re thinking of taking a trip. Business? Pleasure? Doesn’t matter. No matter where you go, you are going to need water and lots of it. When you look at your options, you really only have two choices for staying properly hydrated while you travel: Option 1)   To…

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Clearly Filtered Q&A Water Filter Facts

Q&A Part 1: How are our filters different?

Here at ClearlyFiltered we get tons of emails, phone calls and even letters from customers and people considering our product who simply want to know more about what they are buying. We are cautious buyers ourselves and understand the importance of doing your homework before shelling out hard earned $$…

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Fluoride Sources

The Dangers of Fluoride: Why YOU Need to Care

Fluoride (F-) It may seem like a harmless substance found on the labels of toothpaste, but the unfortunate truth is that Fluoride may not be as harmless as once perceived. Recent scientific evidence is suggesting that there are numerous health consequences for Fluoride exposure and ingestion.   In case you…

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5 Free Apps that Might Just Save Your Life!

Free Iphone/Android Apps that can save your life in a disaster. Keywords: Survival Apps, Disaster Apps, iPhone emergency app, Preparedness App,  So there’s a disaster, you might just be more prepared than you think with what you have in your pocket or purse. Your phone isn’t just for calling anymore,…

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Divvy 250 Filter Station

When Disaster Strikes: Emergency Water Filtration

When Disaster Strikes, what is your plan for water? They say you need 1 gallon a day, per person of clean drinkable water. Between water for drinking, cooking, cleaning & hygiene, water is probably the most important resource you can have in the event of an emergency. You can live…

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5 Steps to Surviving a Nuclear/Radiological Disaster

What to do in the event of a Radiological Disaster?   We have narrowed it down to 5 simple steps anyone can take to better prepare and protect themselves in the event of a Nuclear Meltdown. All to recently, we see articles on the news and in the paper about…

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Checklist: 10 Most Essential Items for an Emergency Kit or “Bug Out Bag”

The Problem: Emergencies can happen at a moments notice, without warning and leaving you with litte resources. But there are steps you can take to significantly increase your ability to survive in less than optimal conditions. It may just be the difference between life and death! Each year there are…

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Consumer Awareness Guide **A CF Exclusive!**

Click here to open pdf: Consumer Awareness Guide


The Truth Behind BPA

Common Questions & Answers About Bisphenol A (BPA) Most of us have heard about BPA at some point or another, but do you really know what it is, where it’s found, or how to avoid it? Being in our industry, we get asked lots of questions from consumers looking for…

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