Is Brita Enough?


The question we often get goes something like this: “How are your products better than Brita?”

It’s a very legitimate question and one we’re thankful consumers are starting to ask. While both Brita and us may be in the same industry of water filtration, the similarities seem to stop there. The difference really is in the filter.

You see, Brita’s products use a very simple, cost-effective carbon filter which they claim makes tap water “taste better” by “reducing” chlorine and not much else.

The problem with words like “filter,” “reduce” and “taste better” is they are intentionally vague. They don’t mean much of anything but they sound really good. To illustrate my point: pouring water through a paper towel will “filter” it, but that doesn’t mean it’s been properly treated and ready to drink.

This is where our ClearlyFiltered products really stand out. Our filters are actually classified as “purifiers” which means they adhere to a much higher standard for water quality set by the EPA.

You can see in the chart below some of the main differences between ClearlyFiltered and the other leading brands.


So whether you currently have a Brita pitcher, are buying replacement filters or are simply looking at the different options on the market we encourage you not to overlook the claims of each product very carefully. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference from actual claims and marketing spin. And as always, if you have any questions we’re just a click away!


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