Is Fluoride in Your Drinking Water Good?

Watch as Dr. Paul Connett debunks the entire municipal water Fluoride argument.

This video is so powerful we just had to share it.

“Fluoride is…

-Dr. Paul Connett


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Addressing the Dallas, TX city council, Dr. Connett goes on to share his opinion about fluoride citing sources from his book The Case Against Fluoride (Amazon). Basing his insights in traditional medial & scientific study, Dr. Connett is vocal about his concern about the involuntary ingestion of this controversial item.


Dr. Connett’s argument begins with:


“Fluoride is… Unusual, Unethical, Unnatural, Unnecessary, Unsafe, & Ineffective”
If you are curious about the issue of water fluoridation, this is a great place to start.
It doesn’t make sense to force Fluoride on people who do not wish to ingest it. Medicine should always be an opt-in measure, and with fluoridation, there is no way to opt out!


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