Using more water now that you're home?

For some of us it's been a few weeks of self-isolation. And whether you are still working from home on the daily grind or are just using this time for yourself and those around you to remain healthy, we are certain your life has changed.

Change is why we're here. Leo Tolstoy once said "everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." It is in this moment that we are forced to change ourselves, and our actions, in order to improve the world. In doing so, our changes in actions create ripples of change around us. Some of these ripples are noticeable and some of them are not, and we're hoping that these potential changes create opportunity for you to make minor tweaks to your life to ensure your health during this time. Because, after all, health is wealth.

Answer this question for us:

Since you've been home, have you found yourself drinking and/or using more of your home's water? 

Maybe its more coffee because you used to get your coffee at work? Or now that you and the whole rest of the family is home everyone seems to be drinking more water? Or all of the meals at home require more cooking and more cleaning and therefore more water?

We have noticed when talking to many customers recently that they are starting to realize that they are using their water much more often since the recommendation to stay home. That means they are taxing their filters quicker than ever before. But one thing we were noticing is that these same customers were forgetting to speed up the frequency of their filter replacements.

Since the "Stay Home" recommendation went into effect, Clearly Filtered users are starting to realize that they are using their water much more often.

Understanding how the filter works is imperative to understanding why you need to change your filter based on usage. Here's a good example of how we can showcase that. When we perform tests on our filters we test the filters for the longevity of the filter – for example the pitcher filter lasts 100 gallons.

So let's take a look at the test the lab performed for Bacteria removal. As you can see in the below table we tested a concentrated solution of particulates in order to understand if the filter was capable of removing 99.9999% of Bacteria over the filters expected lifetime of 100 gallons. Though the answer is yes, we do remove 99.9999% of Bacteria for the lifetime of the filter, you can see from the test results that over time the filters effectiveness begins to diminish as the filter gets closer to its expected lifespan (measured 30 CFU/L).

This type of scenario can be said for all of the contaminants that we test our filter for. Over time the filter becomes more and more taxed and can therefore is not capable of removing the contaminants at the same level at all times. This proves the importance of changing the filters in a timely manner and to base the time at which your filter needs changing on the usage of the product. If your usage increases – such as times like now – then you should likely be increasing the frequency that you should be changing your filters to compensate.

So what are your options?

If you're on a filter subscription, it's easy, just adjust the frequency of your filter delivery. You can do this by signing into your account and adjusting your subscription there. When this all blows over you can re-adjust your subscription as you see fit as well. We just want you to have clean and safe water! If you're not on a filter auto-ship subscription, now's a perfect time to sign up.

And if subscriptions are just not your thing then we want to make sure that you're tracking your filter usage. We tend to error on the side of how many people are using the filters to determine the frequency at which you should be changing your filters UNDER NORMAL CIRCUMSTANCES. But that's the thing, these circumstances are not normal. You are likely using more water than before. For example (see below), when looking at the water pitcher, in this instance we recommend increasing your frequency based on if you had just added an additional person to your household. 


If you have any additional questions or would like to chat through your situation with someone we are more than happy to help. We want to ensure you have clean and safe water no matter what life throws at you. Just giving us a call at 877-876-2740 or email us at and we'd be happy to help you out! You can also chat us on our website during business hours and we can help you there too!


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