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Fluoride: What You Need To Know

Fluoride: What it is? And… Why do you want to filter it out? 

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Fluoride, Sodium Fluoride, Hydrofluorosilicic Acid
EPA Limit: 4 parts per million
EPA Secondary Limit: 2 parts per million
Percentage of US Tap Water Affected: >75%
Potential Health Effect(s): Bone disease, Pain and Tenderness of the Bones, Mottled Teeth, Discoloration, Dental Fluorosis


Fluoride is a chemical compound that is added to U.S. tap water for the purpose of preventing cavities from developing in teeth. The policy began in the 1940’s as Grand Rapids, MI became the first city to fluoridate their water supply with more cities following suit in the 1950’s. 

Interesting Fact

The CDC considers water fluoridation to be one of the greatest health achievements of the 20th century. However, there are a growing number of citizens, scientists and professionals who have some serious concerns about adding Fluoride to the water. Concerns many of us here at ClearlyFiltered share. 

The argument against Fluoride in the tap water goes something like this:

Even if Fluoride works as claimed, we really shouldn’t be swallowing it.
      • You see, Fluoride is a key ingredient in almost every toothpaste and mouthwash on the market today. However, the difference is that those products are supposed to be applied directly to the teeth (topically), and then rinsed out. NOT CONSUMED. Actually, if you look at the backside of a tube of toothpaste it will even tell you “Contact Poison Control” or “Seek Immediate Medical Help if Swallowed”. Seems odd when you think it is the same substance being added to the tap water that we are supposed to drink 8 glasses of a day. Right?
Fluoride toothpaste warning label
      Not everyone should get the same dose
            • When Fluoride is added to the tap water, it is essentially a mass distributed medication given for the prevention of cavities in teeth. However, that is a problem because it does not take into account the differences in the people drinking the water spiked with Fluoride. For example, take a newborn baby weighing in at 8 or 10 lbs, and compare them to an adult male who weighs 180+lbs. The idea that they would be prescribed the same dose seems strange or even dangerous doesn’t it?
            • That is exactly why medications come in different doses. Just like we have a “Children’s Tylenol” because not everyone should get the same concentration.
        Your particular dose actually depends on how much water you drink.
            • The more water you drink, the greater your Fluoride exposure.
        Your actual Fluoride content may be higher than what is recommended
            • In 2011 the Department of Health & Human Services lowered the recommended level of Fluoride to 0.7ppm. (up to 0.5 lower than previous levels).
            • However, the EPA is the agency that sets the limit on how much Fluoride can be in the tap water. And their action limit is much higher at 4.0ppm. That means there could be many times the “recommended” amount of Fluoride in your tap water and you wouldn’t even know it.
            • What they consider ‘acceptable’ may not be healthy to consume. Higher levels of Fluoride have actually been shown to cause Dental Fluorosis & Skeletal Fluorosis (meaning that it negatively affects the teeth by staining them and making bones more brittle).

          So we know that Fluoride can be a poison in your toothpaste, but is considered harmless in your tap water (regardless of how much water you actually drink). That being said, most of us still use toothpaste and mouthwash with Fluoride. It’s not that we think Fluoride is evil. We just don’t think it should be added to our tap water is all. That’s why we make filters to take it out. 

          If you’re looking at the mass market, the options for removing Fluoride are few. Most typical carbon filters you may find at your local retailers do not remove Fluoride. 

          The two most popular products for removing fluoride are the Clean Water Pitcher and a 3 Stage Under the Sink System. Both of these products have been tested and shown to remove Fluoride from the water. 

          By choosing the ClearlyFiltered you are taking control of your tap water and ensuring that you are drinking nothing but pure water and healthy minerals (with no extra additives). Think of it like the organic version of water. 


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