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Free Filters for Life - Winner Announcement

We simply can’t believe it.

More than 2,000 of our most loyal fans took the time to answer our survey!

I’m sure the prospect of Free Filters for Life didn’t hurt ;-)

To everyone who gave us your input, WE THANK YOU. It took a couple weeks, but our CEO has personally read through each and every answer you provided. Your feedback helps us make ClearlyFiltered even better.  

And congratulations to our Lucky Winner Jessica L. from Lincoln, Massachusetts.

 Free Filters for Life Winner

Jessica has been a customer of ours for over 2 years, and we found out that she has actually been buying pitchers and replacement filters her other family members because she believes so strongly in removing Fluoride and other contaminants from the tap water. When we told her that she was in fact the lucky winner, she said “I feel like I won the lottery.”

Jessica chose her brother as the recipient who will also receive free filters for life. Which is a great reminder: How many of your family members need to be using ClearlyFiltered?

We asked Jessica why she chose ClearlyFiltered in the first place and she said:

“Finding ClearlyFiltered allowed me to avoid the fluoride once and for all, was a huge relief, not to mention lead, chlorine, etc. I filter all my water for cooking and drinking. It makes a huge difference in the taste.”

One thing we learned in talking with Jessica was that she runs a Non-Profit called the Firefighters Fund that supports 9/11 firefighters who are suffering from working at ground zero. To learn more about what they do click here: http://firefightersfund.org/

We will send out a follow up email to share some of the results from the survey!