Hi everyone!

Asaiah here, president and founder of ClearlyFiltered and today I have a very special announcement.

Today marks the launch of our All-New 2nd generation pitcher filter. That’s right, it’s here! After 18 months of testing, research & development it is my pleasure to introduce you to our “Gen 2 filter.” Starting March 17th, 2017, orders for pitchers and pitcher replacement filters will ship with Gen 2 filters. And for our VIP Customers, your subscriptions are automatically updated and you don't need to do a thing. 

Here’s what you need to know:

  • COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE - Gen 2 filters are designed to fit your existing pitcher
  • SAME PRICE – New technology without raising the price
  • BPA FREE – 100% BPA Free materials like all of our products

Clearly Filtered Gen 2 Pitcher Filter

What’s new? As you can tell from the above image, a lot has been done to improve the filter. Here are some of the key changes you should know about:

ALL-NEW FILTER INSIDE – The filter underwent a complete redesign that has allowed us to more than double the amount of our proprietary Fluoride Removal Media and Lead Removal Media
IMPROVED FILTER PERFORMANCE Huge increases in performance on the contaminants that matter most like: Fluoride (98%), Lead (99%), Chromium-6 (99%), Arsenic (99%), Pharmaceutical Drugs (99%), Hormones (99%) & more!
ALL-New Filter Testing – Independent testing shows the filter’s performance on over 180+ of the most harmful contaminants. Click HERE to see the full report
New Flushing Tool – Completely redesigned with a lower profile for easier filter preparation (based on your recommendations)
New Filter Gasket – New gasket design featuring SafeSeal technology to provide a secure connection and superior leak prevention
New FILTER Screen – A screen has been added just before the filter to keep unwanted debris from clogging up the filter

See how the Gen 2 filter stacks up against the competition in this comparison chart:

Gen 2 Filter Comparison Chart

We know how important the Pitcher Filter is to our customers; so getting it right was our #1 priority. I want to thank all of our customers who cared enough to fill out a survey, write us, email us, or call us with feedback on how to make the filter better. I want you all to know that WE LISTENED. And the Gen 2 filter is that much better because of your help. Thank you.

A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes, here are some of what we think are some of the highlights (by the numbers):

  • 1,000+ The number of man-hours invested in the Gen 2 filter
  • 186 The total number of contaminants we tested for
  • 99.7% The average removal % for those 180+ contaminants
  • 50% The percent increase in contaminant removal media
  • 24 The number of filter prototypes made
  • 18 The number of months spent in Design, Research & Development
  • 12 The number of different tests performed on the filter
  • 0 The number of parts shared with the original filter

    Image of difference between filters

    Here is a special sneak peak of the filter to show what is underneath the cover. We put it next to our original filter (on the left) to show the difference between it and the Gen 2 filter (on the right).

    To see the all-new testing report for the Gen 2 filter, click HERE

    To be one of the very first to get your own Gen 2 filter, click HERE

    We are really proud of this new filter and think you will be too. As always, if you have questions we’d love to hear from you. We’re available 9am-4pm PST, Monday-Friday. Give us a call at 1-877-876-2740 or email us info@clearlyfiltered.com. We are happy to help!

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    • Posted On September 03, 2017 by Jonelle Ringnalda

      Thanks for the info.

    • Posted On July 26, 2017 by Victoria Johnson

      I can’t find this information anywhere? When I am filling my pitcher, how many cups do I run through the filter??

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