Introducing our ALL-NEW Water Pitcher!

We are very proud to announce the availability of our new Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher. Over the past few years we have worked to create a pitcher that is greatly influenced by what our customers have wanted and desired in a water pitcher, all while using the same unparalleled Affinity Filtration Technology they have come to love. Our new pitcher carafe is a unique blend of sophistication, practicality and beauty to help advance the experience of clean and safe water.

Here are some of the highlights:


Clear Fill Reservoir

Clear Reservoir Pouring

Being the first and only water pitcher in the world to use 100% Tritan materials, we have been able to provide a see-through reservoir that allows you to see the level of water waiting to filter, taking the guessing game out of when to fill and pour. Another unique feature is the size of the reservoir is exactly 64oz (equal to 8 glasses) which is exactly the recommended amount of water each adult should consume per day.  


Two-Part Lid System

Two Part Lid

Two Part Lid

Lid Complete

This dual portion lid is a clever solution to both filling and pouring. 

Easy-Fill Removable Lid: The rear part of the lid is removable to make filling the pitcher incredibly easy and mess free.

Easy-Pour Water Dam: The front part of the lid is called the Water Dam. This piece is sonically welded to the reservoir for a water tight seal. This allows you to begin pouring water while the pitcher is still filtering. You don't have to wait for all of the water to pass through the filter before you can start filling your glass.


Tapered Carafe Body

Pitcher Tapered Design

Fits in Fridge Door

A back-to-front taper gives the pitcher a unique shape that has multiple benefits. The pitcher easily slides into a fridge shelf for storage (or can even fit in the door shelf) and it also moves the center of gravity closer to the handle in order to be held and poured easier. One thing we made sure to keep in the design is the volume of the pitcher is still 64oz or .5 gallons (the exact amount one grown adult is meant to drink per day).


Backwards Compatible

100% Backwards Compatible with All Filters

We have been making and selling Pitchers for nearly a decade. So it was essential that our new pitcher be compatible with every filter we've ever sold. We changed the design of the pitcher body, but kept the filter thread size the same for 100% compatibility with previous filters. 

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