I've been drinking filtered water for years. Or so I thought!

Filtered water. It seems super simple. Pour water, let it filter, drink. Right? Well, that's the idea. But until recently I had no idea how vastly different water filters really are. I was health-conscious, fit, and pretty aware of what I put in my body. I assumed I was safe with any old water filter only to find out that the filter I had been using for years was only removing a tiny percentage of the bad stuff.

So, here's the story of how my water drinking changed forever, or, as I like to call it, "How I Became a Real Water Snob When I Always Thought I Was One."


I was over at a friend's house recently and I saw she was using a Clearly Filtered pitcher. Since I had never seen or heard of them before (and since my curiosity is insatiable) I had to find out more. I felt like I was missing out on some secret. I'm usually the one who knows all the answers to "what's the healthiest option for me and my family?"

I was using the filter I had the time multiple times a day. I actually won't even drink water out of my faucet . . . ever!

It wasn't until my conversation with my friend that my eyes were opened to what I was doing and what I was missing out on. And boy, did I feel dumb. I would fill up my pitcher and drink the water. Did it taste better than my tap water? Yes. Did I assume that meant I was removing all the bad stuff from my water? Yup. Was I wrong? Big time.Katie and the kids drinking clean water 

What I Learned

I'll be the first to admit I'm wrong, but it doesn't happen often. My friend just kept grilling me about my assumptions of my water filter. I assumed that if there was something dangerous or unhealthy in your water you could either taste it, see it or smell it. She told me that is simply not the case. After I thought about it for awhile she started to make a lot of sense.

She told me not to worry. She did exactly what I did for years too!

Now the part that really shocked me the most was that her Clearly Filtered pitcher wasn't some crazy, huge piece of technology that was cleaning her water. It looked almost exactly like the filtered pitcher I had at home!

I was obviously deeply suspicious of what she was saying. But I trust her. And I trust my ability to do research . . . 

I went home, pulling up website after website trying to learn where I went wrong. The transparent test results for Clearly Filtered spoke for themselves. They removed ALL THE BAD STUFF from your water, kept in ALL THE GOOD STUFF, and had the data to back it up. The funny part is, test results for the filter I had been using were nearly impossible to find. It's as if I did no research at all beforehand. 

I came to the conclusion that Clearly Filtered was at least worth a try. I mean they had a thirty day return policy so worst case I would just send it back if I didn't like it. 

Still slightly suspicious, I waited for my pitcher to arrive to see how good it could be. 

Katie and son with Clearly Filtered

Life with Clearly Filtered

I received the package on a Monday: bright blue box with the logo all over it.

Let's just say I was excited. Mostly because I couldn't really drink from my other pitcher anymore after doing all my research. I WAS THIRSTY!

Now, you don't want me to get into a conversation about my earlier water habits, because we'll be here all day. I was a "bring my water bottle with me everywhere I went" kind of person. Water = life, and that couldn't be stressed enough with my drinking habits.

Suffice to say, I am a legit water snob now. How much water do I drink a day? TOO MUCH TO COUNT. How excited am I that I know I drinking water that is truly toxin-free? TOO MUCH TO COUNT.

What's really interesting, and something I didn't expect, is that you can actually see the filter working. This filter is much slower than our old one. Think about it: the longer the water takes to pass through the filter, the longer that water is in contact with the filtration stuff, and the more likely it is to remove the bad stuff. It sounds stupid, but it makes me happy.

I do not miss the old water at all. In fact, I wish I would have found out about all of this water stuff much sooner. I always thought a filter is a filter is a filter. But now I know not all water filters are made the same!

Here's the best part. My husband and kids can taste the difference of the Clearly Filtered water compared to the last filtered water. They all love it! We even did a blind taste test with the tap water, our old pitcher water, and the new Clearly Filtered water. Everyone chose the Clearly Filtered water. They say it's so much better! How about that for an added benefit?

Kids drinking Clearly Filtered

So, How Did it End Up?

Obviously, we kept the pitcher!

It really only took a week or so to make the decision to keep it. 

We've now had the Clearly Filtered pitcher in our house for about 6 months. We recycled the other filter (we call it the Liar) and we couldn't be happier with the change.

We use the water for everything knowing it's a much better and safer option than the tap water alternative. I especially love it in my coffee and tea. Makes everything taste so much better!

Did I mention that these filters last so much longer than other filters too? Tack on a few more brownie points to Clearly Filtered. 

Honestly, if it wasn't for my friend being so adamant with me about her water I would have never known I was making the wrong choice. I find myself drinking more water than ever now.

I'm so happy and grateful for this technology (yes, it really is a technology) because now I actually know that my family and I are drinking water that is actually good for our bodies. This is a change that everyone needs to make. Normal filters don't cut it. The only choice is Clearly Filtered.

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