Now that you've signed up for your automatic filter subscription, we want to show you how easy it is for you to manage your account yourself.

Where to log in:

If you visit any page on the website, at the very top center of the page you will see LOGIN / SIGNUP button options (Screenshot below)

Once you click Login you will be asked for your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. Your email address relates to the one you used to place your subscription order. Your password was set up when you originally placed your order. If you forgot your password there is a link to reset your password there on the page.

Once Logged In:

You will notice that all of your information is here: Upcoming Delivery Schedule, Subscriptions (both current and de-activated), Billing Information, Shipping Information, and Purchase History.

Subscription Orders:

If you click Manage Subscriptions you will be taken to the Subscription Orders page. This page shows you the details of your upcoming order: Address, Product, Quantity, Price, Frequency, Next Charge Date, and Actions. The most important things here are the Edit buttons. The first is just to the right of the address. It will allow you to change your shipping address. The other Edit button is on the far right. It will allow you to make changes to either the next shipment date or the repeating frequency.

By choosing EDIT, (you have to click EDIT and then EDIT again on the next page) it takes you into the next main section of SUBSCRIPTIONS.


Here you have the ability to edit your personal information including your orders shipping information, billing information, credit card on file, or to pause or cancel your subscription. Remember, at Clearly Filtered we want you happy and satisfied and that is why we never lock you in to anything when it comes to your subscription. Over half of our customers choose a filter subscription as well, so you're not alone.

Billing Information:

Update or change any current billing information using this section. If you received a declined transaction due to an expired or inactive card, this is the section which you would update with your new payment information. NOTE: Our system uses 256 bit encryption (the same as your bank!) and only you can see your payment information. The only information about your billing that Clearly filtered can see is the last 4 digits of your card number, the expiration date and the name and address it is associated with. Keeping your sensitive information safe is very important to us, so we do not cut any corners in order to ensure your privacy and security. 

Purchase History:

Review all of your past subscription orders including the date, value, product and address your order was sent to.

As always, if you have any questions about any of this information or anything else about Clearly Filtered and/or water filtration we are always happy to help. Please give us a call at 8778762740 or email us at where we will likely respond within 24 hours. 

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