As a 30-year-old and first-time mom, I was very conscientious about giving my baby the best of everything. To me this meant finding the purest lotions, wipes, cleansers, diapers, even baby clothes. And as the time came to start solid foods, I expanded this list to include the freshest organic produce I could find. But what I hadn’t given any thought to was the water I’d be using to make the food and eventually giving in a sippy cup. And I never would have, had it not been for conversations between other moms that I stumbled upon online. This is what started my moment of clarity.

Mom and filtered water

I’d always used a popular brand-name water filter pitcher for my drinking water, and I guess I just expected that it was making my water safe to drink. But the information I came across about what’s in tap water and how most filters don’t really do much of anything—even the filter I had in my fridge at the time—was alarming. My head was spinning reading about all of the harmful things that could end up in tap water. Fluoride, lead, cancer-causing chromium-6 (what the movie Erin Brokovich is about), tiny little plastic particles, mercury, pesticides, bacteria that comes from feces…I was shocked. The rabbit hole I went down was not pretty.

 And unfortunately, municipal water suppliers cannot remove all of the bad substances from our water. They actually don’t even test for everything that could be harmful. And in the case of fluoride, they actually add this to the water, in most cases. I want to protect my baby’s teeth, but I don’t think a tiny baby body is the place for this otherwise harmful substance.

do water treatment centers work?

I read through so much information, I got to the point where I decided there was enough to be concerned about in my tap water (and definitely fluoride!) that I wasn’t willing to risk it. I couldn’t control the water coming into my house, but I could certainly control the water going into my baby, not to mention me, my husband, and our dog, too.

The most worrisome substances I wanted to get rid of from my tap water were fluoride, lead, chromium-6, chlorine, and E. coli. I did extensive research and found that Clearly Filtered was the only water pitcher that filtered out these, not to mention over 200 other contaminants. This is the most of any water pitcher filter that I could find.

One added bonus: the VIP subscription service saves me from having to remember when it’s time to change the filter. With a baby in the house, it’s hard enough for me to remember what day it is, let alone when it’s time to replace my filter. I know about how much water we go through, so I have my subscription set accordingly. When a new one shows up, I just prep it and replace.

After all of the research I’d done, I could no longer rationalize using unfiltered tap water to fill a pasta pot, rinse veggies, or give my little guy a bath.

I love Clearly Filtered so much, I actually took one more easy step to protect my family by getting the under-the-sink filter (which I was able to install all by myself). After all of the research I’d done, I could no longer rationalize using unfiltered tap water to fill a pasta pot, rinse veggies, or give my little guy a bath. I’m so thankful I found Clearly Filtered! It gives me peace of mind knowing I am doing one more thing to help keep my growing family safe.

Angela, 30, Mother

Fresno, CA

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