We know. The word "subscription" has been made out to be a scary word. Like you're being tricked into something about you don't really know what you're signing up for. Well, we're here to let you know everything about our filter subscription and why it really is the smart thing for you to be doing after ordering one of our filter systems.

Over 50% of Clearly Filtered customers choose to be a filter subscription for their filter systems

Over half of our customers choose to be on a filter subscription for their systems. Whether you have a pitcher, a bottle, or really anything, it makes the most sense to sign up. Here are the reasons why:

  1. You are reminded to change your filters! This has to be the biggest selling point by far. So many people forget to change their filters in a timely manner and are then just drinking the same stuff that comes straight out of the tap. Whats the point of the filter if it's not working? Read the story at the bottom of this post to give yourself a good chuckle as well.
  2. You can change, pause, cancel, or add to it at any time. This is meant to make your life easier so we have a no questions asked policy when it comes to your subscription. If you want something changed, you can either log in using your customer login or contact us and we'd be happy to help you out.
  3. You save money! Yea, you heard that right. We offer 15% off of our filters when you are signed up for subscription. We offer this as a reward for you making the right decision. 
  4. Free domestic shipping. Like all of our products, you'll receive free shipping anywhere in the US. 

Heres a funny story about needing to be reminded about changing your filters.

Our Clearly Filtered offices are attached to one of our main distribution warehouses. If the CEO of the company ever needed any replacement filters for his Clearly Filtered products (yes, he has and uses them all on everything in his house) he could very easily walk into the warehouse, grab whichever filter he needed at that time, and take it home to change out. He could even grab multiple filters so he he can store extra filters at home. Seems easy right? Well, one day the shipping manger walked in from the warehouse and dropped a package on his desk that was destined for the CEO's home. The CEO still asked him to send the package in the mail rather than having it handed to him. Why? Because if he gets home and there's a package on his doorstep, he then knows it's time to change his filter. So long story short, our CEO is on a filter subscription for all of his various Clearly Filtered systems in his house so that he is reminded of when to change out the filters. If that's not proof alone of the benefits of the subscription we don't know what is. 

Is it time to change your filter now?

If it's time to order a new filter, click the link below to get one. Remember, if you still need help determining how often you change your filter feel free to read our blog about the tips and tricks to knowing when to change you filter!

Get a replacement filter

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  • Posted On September 12, 2018 by Danny Kroeker

    Thank you. A gentleman called me and we were able to place the order needed with no problem.

  • Posted On September 12, 2018 by Danny Kroeker

    I want to get 2 filters. Thank you.

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