Filter Questions

The video below demonstrates a great step-by-step process for how to set up the pitcher and written instructions to walk you through the process.


The filters are rated to last up to 100 gallons or 6 months (whichever comes first). Please keep in mind that the lifetime ratings are on average. They could last less time depending on how often they are used and the content of the water.

The bottle filters are rated to last up to 100 gallons or 6 months (whichever comes first). Please keep in mind that the lifetime ratings are on average. They could last less time depending on how often they are used and the content of the water.

Yes. The filter is designed to restrict the flow when it has run it’s course.

In-between the filter and the reservoir, where the filter attaches, there is a clear O-Ring gasket. The gasket can possibly not be sitting flush and we would recommend flipping it over and pressing it back through the threading. Check to make sure the O-ring is laying flat.

Our filters do not remove the mineral content (or TDS) of the water. The mineral content is a healthy component of water and not something our filters are designed to remove. For more information, check out our blog post on this very topic: READ BLOG >

Pitcher Questions

The pitcher holds 64 ounces of water.

We recommend hand washing the pitcher, as needed. The filter does not need to be cleaned and is made with Medical Grade plastic to prevent mold from growing inside the filter. IT IS NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.

Yes, the pitcher and filter need to be kept in the refrigerator to preserve the life of the filter.

Yes, the water line can go above the filter. The filters does not need to submersed in water but it is okay for the water to fill the clear portion of the pitcher. Keep the water line below the reservoir.

3-Stage Under-the-Sink Questions

We recommended replacing the filters every 9-12 months for most customers. The 3 stages are built uniquely. The filters work as a cohesive whole and cannot be used independently and must be used in the order provided. All three filters must be changed at the same time. All municipal water supply is different therefore, it is always an approximate rate of when the filters will need to be changed.

The filters may slow down depending on your water quality but ultimately you should never let it get to that level. Make a note of your install date as a reminder of when to replace the filters annually. With our VIP program, you will not forget when to switch the filters and save money!

Under the Sink Claims:

Chlorine up to 90%

Chloramines up to 93%

Fluoride up to 99.5%

Nitrates up to 95%

BPA up to 92%

Pharmaceuticals Up to 99%

Lead, Iron, Copper, Mercury, Aluminum up to 99.99%


See full results here >

ClearlyFiltered Under the Sink Unit (UTS) is made with a proprietary blend specifically formulated for Clearly Filtered. These filters are made from a multi-blend of catalysts that remove the contaminants commonly found in municipal tap water giving you and your family convenient clean and safe drinking water.  

Utilizing the latest filtration technologies, the filters are comprised of Fluoride Removal Media and Activated Carbon to remove specific tap water contaminants that are most likely to affect your water quality.

Bottle Questions

No, the water bottle is ready to use upon arrival and does not need to be flushed or primed. Watch the video below to see how to use you Clearly Filter Water Bottle. 


Use the bottle in a upright position and with the mouthpiece pushed all the way back on the cap. The filter is at the bottom of the straw therefore, tilting the water bottle will go against the design.

No, the water bottle is designed for water only and any additives would effect the performance of the filter.

The mouthpiece came loose. Good news is that you can pop it right back into place. The mouthpiece just needs to be reseated so it is aligned with the cap. Try popping it off and pressing it back into place!

VIP Filter Program Questions

The VIP program is a six month auto-shipment for replacement filters, with a 15% discount. Also, shipping is always free for United States Domestic locations.

To update your account, please email or call 877-876-2740 and we would be happy to update your information. 

Your VIP account can be canceled at anytime by emailing or calling 877-876-2740. 

Shipping Questions

Shipping is free for all United States Domestic locations. 

For international orders, begin the checkout process and the cost of shipment will be provided before the payment process. 

Your order is processed within 24 - 48 hours from our warehouse. Do keep in mind our warehouse operations are Monday - Friday only.  

The shipment will arrive within 5 -7 business days once the shipment has been processed. 

An email will be sent with the tracking information once the product is on it’s way. If at anytime, you need the tracking number email or call 877-876-2740.