It's that simple... Spread the word about clean & safe water and get $10 when a friend or family member you refer purchases a new Clearly Filtered filter system. Those who purchase using your link will also receive 25% off their entire order! If you love the friends and family in your life, they need to know about the benefits of Clearly Filtered and why it is the only option for clean and safe water. The more people you tell, and get to switch to Clearly Filtered, the closer you are to free filters for life. Let's get started...

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    • How do I join and get my referral link?
    • It’s as simple as logging in to your Clearly Filtered account. Look for the login link at the very top of any page on our website. Once you log into your account you will see your referral program dashboard. From there you can easily see the number of referrals you’ve generated, your Credit Balance, as well as your referral link. Share it with more people to get more referrals!
    • How do I get credit for a referral?
    • In order to complete a successful referral, the person you referred must purchase a new Clearly Filtered filter system. These items include a Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher, 3-Stage Under the Sink Filter System, Stainless Steel Filtered Bottle, either of the two Clearly Filtered Shower Heads or the Clearly Filtered Universal Inline / Fridge Filter System. A referral will not count if the referred person is already a customer of Clearly Filtered and/or the person purchases replacement filters for existing Clearly Filtered products. If the person you refer returns the product which you received credit for, then your credit will be adjusted to show that referral did not go through.
    • What is the best way to share Clearly Filtered with people I know?
    • Tell them why you chose Clearly Filtered. Whether you wanted to remove a specific contaminant from your water, you needed to remove toxins from your diet due to an illness, or you just wanted clean, healthy water. Let them know! We think everyone should be aware that Clearly Filtered provides a better way to get clean and safe water. If someone you know uses an inferior water filter, that’s the perfect place to start. It’s time your family and friends realize that their filters just aren’t cutting it!

      We also have great articles about what makes Clearly Filtered different. Share these with friends or family and include your link so that you get credit!
    • What do I get if I refer 10 friends?
    • If you’ve reached ten referrals people must really value your word! You told them about a high quality product and they listened. We want to thank you for spreading the word far and wide. You will get both the $90 ($10 for every referral up to nine) and free filters for life. You are free to use the $90 for any product on our site. After 10…?
    • What does Free Filters for Life mean?
    • Once you get to ten successful referrals, you will be credited with $140 (the price of three pitcher filters) per year. It is up to you to apply that amount towards your filters or any other Clearly Filtered products you may wish to receive. We don't want to lock you in to anything, so we're leaving the choice up to you.
    • How can I use my store credit?
    • Once you have received credit for a successful referral(s) you will be able to see your available credit when logging into your account. Now it’s as simple as applying it to your chosen order. Please note, if you attempt to redeem a credit amount that exceeds the amount of your order, the excess credit will be lost. So, only redeem credit for as much as you are ordering.
    • What if I referred a friend in the past? Can I get credit for that?
    • Unfortunately we have no way of tracking this information so we are unable to credit past referrals before we launched the program.