10 Most Harmful and Damaging Contaminants Your Water Filter Is Probably Not (But Should Be) Removing

Have you been blind to the reports of what is being found in tap water, or maybe you’re using a water filter that you assume is performing the way you think it should? For years, water filters have been creating a perception that if your water tastes better, it must be healthier. The reality is, you can’t taste, smell, or see the most harmful and dangerous contaminants found in tap water. Here’s a list of the top 10 you want to be sure your water filter is removing.

You can't see, smell or taste Fluoride


Fluroide is a chemical compound added to the majority of tap water supplies in the US on the pretext of promoting dental health. However, fluoride has been shown to do more damage to general health compared to its proclaimed benefits for dental health. In fact, water fluoridation may actually have no impact on dental health at all.

  • % of US Tap Water: > 75%
  • See, Smell, Taste: No
  • Causes: Suppressed thyroid function and lowered immunity, dental fluorosis (discoloration of teeth), skeletal fluorosis (deterioration of bones), gland calcification, neurotoxicity.
  • Same chemical found in many rodent poisons.
  • Can lead to lower IQ in children.
  • Is classified as a neurotoxin.
  • Toothpaste warning states “harmful if swallowed, contact poison control.”
  • Banned in much of Europe

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