Over the years, water filter pitcher companies have done a great job creating the perception that good tasting water is healthier and acceptable to drink. Sadly, this is just not the case. The disturbing thruth is that most of the contaminants commonly found in tap water go undetected, meaning you can't see, taste, or smell them. What's worse: most water filter pitchers don't remove the majority of these harmful substances! We're happy to inform you that Clearly Filtered has solved this water pitcher filtration problem. (that you may not have even ralized existed until now).

Read on for the top 10 reasons why so many others just like you have upgraded to Clearly Filtered. We think you'll agree that we're clearly different- and clearly worth it.

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Our filter removes more bad stuff than any other pitcher filter on the market...

Most water pitcher filters are designed to remove only the contaminants that you can see, taste, or smell, giving you the perception that you're drinking healthier water. That's where we are different. The Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology removes over 230 harmful and dangerous contaminants commonly found in tap water accross the US- more than any other water filter pitcher on the market. With Clearly Filtered, you can be confident that your water will be clean and safe, not to mention great tasting, too. We think that's pretty refreshing.

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...and keeps all the good stuff

At Clearly Filtered, we're all about getting water back to the way nature intended. That's why we designed our high performance filter to keep in the beneficial natural minerals of water while taking out 230 harful and dangerous contaminants. Surprisingly, some water pitcher filters actually remove the good parts of your water when removing the bad. Not us. We believe in "in with the good, out with the bad," so that's what our water experts and engineers designed our proprietary Affinity Filtration Technology to do

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Our filter meets or exceeds NSF standards for the contaminants we remove.

All of our filtration products have been independently tested and verified by EPA-accredited labratories to meet or exceed NSF standards for the contaminants we remove. Why do we hold ourselves to such rigorous standards? Becuase we always want to go above and beyond for our customers. No matter how bad a contamination problem could become, we want to ensure we have you covered.

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Clearly Filtered works harder, for longer

The performance of our water pitcher filter surpasses any other water pitcher filter on the market, in terms of how hard our filter works and for how long. While there are several variables that can affect how often a filter needs to be replaced, our pitcher filters last about four months on average, compared to other standard pitcher filters that last only three months. This is significant, considering how many more harmful and dangerous contaminants Clearly Filtered removes compared to standard pitcher filters. The power of Clearly Filtered is simply unmatched.

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*Information for this chart was compiled from manufacturers websites and brochures. February 2017.
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Our slower filtration time is time well spent

Filtering out 230 of the most harmful and dangerous contaminants commonly found in drinking water, while keeping in the beneficial natural minerals, takes time. That's because our proprietary Affinity Filtration Technology works by increasing contact with your water in order to trap all of the differnt contaminants it targets. Slower filtration means more thorough filtration. In fact, our water filter pitcher removes up to 99.99% of contaminants, so it's no surprise that it takes a little longer to filter than what you might be used to from a standard water filter pitcher. If your water streams quickly through your water filter, you might think twice about how well it's actually working.

We are constantly improving our technology

Clearly Filtered is always looking to improve our Affinity Filtration Technology and the breadth of contaminants we can remove. There is rarely a time when we aren't testing our water filter pitcher in the lab for new or differnt contaminants. We have a superior products today, and we want to ensure the same holds for tomorrow. As a result, we are always looking for ways to stay at the forefront of our industry for the betterment of your health and safety.

Our water filter pitcher prepares you for just about anything

When you have Clearly Filtered on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing it can prepare you for just about anything. For example, in the case of a natural disaster, Clearly Filtered would allow you to filter water from almost anywhere to create clean and safe drinking water. This is possible because of how our filter uniquely removes such a wide range of harmful and dangerous contaminants, including bacteria, radiological components, pesticides, herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. While this is certainly a worst case scenario, Clearly Filtered could potentially be a lifesaver. Not a bad reason to make the switch!

We make it hard NOT to change your filter on time.

Your water pitcher is only as good as the filter inside, so it's critically important to change the filter before it becomes exhausted. Our VIP filter subscription takes the hassle out of this important detail, delivering replacement filters right to your door, right when you need them (with free shipping and a 15% discount). You have full control to change your delivery date and frequency- even cancel- without ever having to pick up the phone (although we love chatting with our customers). With all of these conceniences, it's no wonder over half of our customers make the decision to go VIP.

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This is the last water filter pitcher you'll ever have to buy

Clearly Filtered products are built to last, but we know the unexpected can happen. That's why we offer our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. If for any reason your pitcher breaks, we'll send you a new one, no questions asked. At Clearly Filtered, we want you to be happy, because when you're happy (and drinking clean and safe water), We're happy, too.

People, press, and water pros can't get enough of it

Our nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate makes it clear that when people upgrade to Clearly Filtered, there's no going back. From dentists, to athletes, to nurses, to people with health conditions affected by specific contaminants, Clearly Filtered is the only complete water filtration solution with everyone's health in mind.

We believe in our product, and believe you will, too

-- try Clearly Filtered for yourself for 30 days, risk-free

We're pretty sure you'll fall in love with Clearly Filtered at first sip, and we know you'll love the idea of drinking water that is clean and safe, too! But if for any reason you don't love it, you can return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund-- no questions asked. Order your Clearly Filtered water pitcher today!

It's time to upgrade your water!