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    Be sure to click “Add to Cart + VIP” when ordering product!

    "Why wouldn’t you sign up for auto-ship, you’re gonna need another filter right? I never knew that brita filters do not filter out any Fluoride at all, and I’ve been using them for at least 20 years, may as well have been drinking tap water this whole time. Definitely worth the price!"

    - Sara, Clearly Filtered customer since June 2016

    How It Works

    Save Money

    Sign up for VIP when you purchase and save 15% on all filters, forever.

    Personalized Subscription

    Receive your personalized filter subscription by mail on a 2,3,4,5 or 6 month rate. 

    Change, cancel or update any time.


    Enjoy hassle-free clean water and save money at the same time. 


    Q: Who is eligible to become a CF-VIP?
    A: You are! Just click the “Buy now with VIP” option when ordering product. It’s as easy as that.

    Q: What’s the benefit of joining?
    A: Amazing discounts, up to 15% off replacement filters, exclusive offers & much much more.

    Q: Does it cost anything?
    A: Absolutely not. The VIP club is free to join and has no annual fee.

    Q: What if I want to cancel?
    A: You can cancel at any time for any reason. There is NO cancellation fee.

    Q: How does the Auto-ship program work?
    A: VIP members will receive a replacement filter in the mail every 2-6 months as determined by you from the time of order.
    At that time we will bill your credit card at the discounted rate of up to 15% off and we pay the shipping!

    Q: Is it really that simple?
    A: Yes! It pays to be a ClearlyFiltered VIP.