Why Filter?

Most of the worlds water infrastructure is aging and it will quite a while before the system is updated. Your water can become contaminated at any point during its journey to your home from the source, to the water treatment facility where they actually add chemicals to combat certain contaminants, through the miles of old pipes leading to your home. Water filtration is about creating the last line of defense. It's about taking action for yourself & your family to reduce and remove the contaminants in your water.

Water Quality Is Only Getting Worse

Whether it's contaminants in the air, the ground, the run-off or the infrastructure, the worlds water is more than likely not getting cleaner anytime soon. Everyday countless articles and studies suggest that the chemicals and contaminants found in our water supply are making us unhealthy. With stories suggesting that 75% of the US tap water supply has cancer-causing Chromium-6, or that aging Lead pipes are leading to neurological issues in children, in-home water filtration has become a must if you are looking to ensure you are drinking clean and safe water.