Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
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3-pack Clearly Filter Replacement Filter
Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
Fluoride water filter
Best water filter
3-pack Clearly Filter Replacement Filter
Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack
Fluoride water filter
Best water filter

Clean Water Pitcher Replacement Filter - 3-Pack

Item contains 3 x Clearly Filtered Pitcher Replacement Filter 

Save $10 when buying in bulk!

  • Fully compatible with all Clearly Filtered Water Pitchers
  • Tested to exceed NSF standards for 100 gallons *If your tap water is heavily contaminated (most likely if you live in a large or older city), your filter must work harder to keep your water clean, which will decrease the life of the filter.
  • Removes over 232 contaminants at an average rate of 99.7%   
  • Proudly built in the USA
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Built in the USA
The Filter

Affinity Filtration Technology

Proprietary Affinity Filtration Technology removes fluoride, lead, microplastics, PFAS, glyphosate, and a total of 232+ of the most harmful and dangerous tap water contaminants. No other water pitcher filter on the market removes more. ‘Nuff said.


Rigorously Tested to All NSF Standards

Clearly Filtered is the only pitcher filter independently tested to meet or exceed all NSF standards (42, 53, 244, 401, and 473). We also test at levels up to 3 times the legal limit for each contaminant, so you can have peace of mind knowing your water is clean and safe, no matter the conditions.

Published Performance Data

At Clearly Filtered, we believe in radical transparency, so we freely publish the results of our independent laboratory testing for your review. We think you’ll find it pretty refreshing.

100-Gallon Filter Life

With a 100 gallon filter life, the Clearly Filtered pitcher filter can provide clean and safe drinking water for an average of 4 months before needing to be replaced. That’s about a month longer than the leading brand name pitcher filter.

Truly the Best Water Filter

Unlike typical filter technologies, our Affinity Filtration Technology uses 7+ proprietary filtration materials to create multiple stages of filtration that can remove an average of 99.7% of 232+ contaminants.

Stage 1: Woven Mesh Screen
Stage 2: Granulated Coconut Carbon
Stage 3: Composite Shell
Stage 1: Woven Mesh Screen

Water first passes through a woven, stainless steel mesh screen, which keeps larger particles from entering the filter.

Stage 2: Granulated Coconut Carbon

Next, water continues through a loose granulated coconut carbon filtration layer, which removes chlorine, bad tastes, and odors.

Stage 3: Composite Shell

Water then flows through the filter’s composite shell, which is made of 7+ proprietary filtration materials. This dense layer slows down the flow of water and allows for the filter to have more time in contact with the water. The combination of the proprietary technology and additional contact time allows for superior removal percentages on all contaminant types.

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Diana G.
United States United States
replacement filter

The replacement filter worked fine but is quite pricey. I did appreciate receiving a replacement reservoir and lid from the company at no cost, which fit perfectly. I wish the pitcher came in a larger size to avoid having to refill it so often. The filtered water tastes very good nonetheless. It's even better than bottled water!

Joumana N.
United States United States
Great water taste. The Clearly Filtered is Bette than all bottle water and other filters.

It taste grate. There is no after taste or chemicals. I recommend you try it. My son sent it to me as a gift the first time, since he buys it, and convinced me to try it. He was right.

James B.
United States United States
The Best!

If you want to know how great water taste, drink the water from a Clearly Filter pitcher!

Chad C.
United States United States
Works Well

This filter makes a difference in that the water is more "smoother" or softer. The water also does not have a tart or bitter taste like tap water.

nancy z.
United States United States
Very happy 5+☆☆☆☆☆

I love the water pitcher. I also purchased the 20oz water bottle. I love them both. I'm drinking water all the time now.

Questions We Get Often
How does the filter work?
We developed our high performance Affinity® filtration technology by combining seven different materials, each of which is known for its strong absorbent properties. Together these materials work harmoniously in a process called ionic adsorption. As water passes through the filter contaminants will ionically bind to these materials, permanently removing them to give you filtered water that is clean and safe.

If you’re curious to learn more, visit our Technology page.
Which contaminants does the pitcher filter remove? (e.g., Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine)
Our filtration technology removes over 230 contaminants. We use an independent, EPA-certified lab to rigorously test our filters to NSF standards. Here are just a few of the more notorious contaminants this filter removes:
  • Fluoride: removed at a rate of up to 98.2%. It is difficult to remove once it’s added into the tap water and typical carbon-block style filters don’t have fluoride removal capabilities. For that reason we specially formulated our technology so fluoride removal is standard with every filter.
  • Glyphosate: The active ingredient in Roundup® weed killer. Our filters remove 99.9% of this highly controversial chemical.
  • PFOA/PFAS/PFOS: The chemicals that make pans and apparel “non-stick” but are extremely toxic when consumed. Removed at a rate of 99.9%.
  • Lead: Even though it’s been widely banned due to its highly poisonous nature, lead pipes remain in use across all 50 states. Lead is harmful to human health even at low exposure levels and accumulates in the body over time. Removed at a rate of 99.5%.
  • Chlorine: While chlorine is effective at reducing the spread of infectious waterborne diseases, it reacts with naturally-occurring materials in water to form dangerous chemical byproducts that threaten your health. Removed at a rate of 99.9%.
We are all about transparency so we post our test results on our Test Results Page. It shows the name of the particular contaminant, the concentration before filtration, the concentration after filtration, and the percentage removed.
How often should I change my filter?
The filter's efficiency begins to drop off significantly at 100 gallons. Because we drink water at different rates, you may reach the 100 gallon mark at different times. Here is our recommended timetable for replacing your filter:

Families: 2–3 months
Couples: 3–4 months
Individuals: 4–6 months

If you'd like to run the calculations yourself, it's pretty easy to figure out how long it will take you to filter 100 gallons of water. The top reservoir is ½ gallon when completely full. If you fill it twice each day, you'll filter 100 gallons in 100 days, or around 3 months.