AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered Review

You already know you can’t trust tap water. Plus, bottled water can be nothing more than tap water packaged in a way that attacks our environment. We applaud you for seeking out cleaner water, while also doing your part to protect our planet by considering a water filter.

The following is a detailed review and comparison of two popular water filtration systems: AquaTru’s countertop filtration system and Clearly Filtered’s filtered water pitcher. Let’s dive in...

Table of Contents:

  • Overview
  • Comparison Chart
  • The Real Truth About RO Systems
  • Pros & Cons
  • Functionality
  • Technology
  • Filter Type
  • Performance
  • Dimensions & Design
  • Maintenance & Upkeep
  • Warranty
  • Price
  • Summary
  • Additional Reviews

  • Overview: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    AquaTru Overview:

    AquaTru’s countertop water filter plugs into the wall and sits on your countertop for all to see. The system does not require professional installation or plumbing, but it does require electricity. In total, it targets just 83 contaminants from tap water.

    AquaTru CounterTop Reverse Osmosis System

    Clearly Filtered Overview:

    Clearly Filtered’s filtration systems targets hundreds of contaminants typical filters, including  AquaTru’s, can’t. While Clearly Filtered offers a compact under-sink filtration system that's smaller and more powerful than the AquaTru water system, this review compares AquaTru’s countertop water filter to Clearly Filtered’s filtered water pitcher. Clearly Filtered’s pitcher removes up to 99.9% of over 365 contaminants from tap water, including dangerous chemicals, metals, and toxins you can’t see, taste, or smell.

    Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher - Best Filtered Water

    Clearly Filtered vs. AquaTru Comparison Chart:


    What Nobody Tells You About Reverse Osmosis Systems:

    Before we go any further, it’s important we debunk a common misconception. Many mistakenly consider Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology the gold standard for water filtration. However, the performance data proves that Clearly Filtered’s Affinity Filtration Technology is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than most RO systems. 

    Clearly Filtered’s Affinity Filtration Technology is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than most RO systems


    Given AquaTru labels itself as an RO system, here’s three scary truths about RO filtration technology:

      1. Their inefficient approach wastes water. The more powerful they are, the more wastewater they produce. It’s a lose-lose situation.
      2. RO systems blindly remove beneficial minerals and nutrients. To get those minerals back, you must go through the hassle of remineralizing your water after it’s been filtered. 
      3. Performance varies and more powerful filters exist. For example, AquaTru’s RO technology captures up to 83 contaminants, whereas Clearly Filtered’s Affinity Filtration Technology captures over 365 contaminants. 

    The bottom line is anything AquaTru can do, Clearly Filtered can do better. It’s a smarter, stronger, and more efficient filtration technology. 

    Pros & Cons: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    AquaTru Pros:

    • Produces slightly less waste water than most RO systems.
    • Easy installation: No plumbing or drilling required.

    AquaTru Cons:

    • Bulky design demands significant counter space.
    • Requires power to function.
    • Produces 1 gallon of waste water for every 4 gallons filtered.
    • Targets ~70% fewer contaminants than Clearly Filtered. 
    • Blindly captures essential minerals from tap water.
    • Reports of leaky water tanks, dripping spouts, and malfunctioning units.
    • Limited 1-year warranty.

    Clearly Filtered Pros:

    • Virtually eliminates over 4x more contaminants than AquaTru.
    • Advanced technology intentionally allows essential minerals to pass through. 
    • Highly efficient system does not produce wastewater.
    • Compact, ergonomic design fits easily in any fridge. 
    • No power source required.
    • Limited lifetime warranty.

    Clearly Filtered Cons:

    • Replacement filters are slightly more expensive than AquaTru replacements.
    • No filter change indicator on pitcher. 

    Functionality: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    How the AquaTru System Works:

    AquaTru’s countertop filtration system houses twist-on filters inside its base. Two water tanks sit atop the base: One for tap water and wastewater, the other for filtered water.

    • Plug the system into an electrical outlet.
    • Fill the tap water tank. 
    • Turn the power on to begin filtering.
    • The clean water tank will slowly fill with clean water.
    • The tap water tank will empty until only wastewater remains.
    • Press and hold the button above the spout to pour filtered water.
    • Discard wastewater between every fill.

    How the Clearly Filtered Pitcher Works:

    The Clearly Filtered pitcher is made up of a pitcher base with a slide-in reservoir for tap water. Its advanced, twist-on filter sits at the bottom of the reservoir to filter water as it travels from the reservoir down into the pitcher’s base.

    • Fill the reservoir with tap water.
    • Water is automatically filtered as it drips down from the reservoir into the base.
    • Pour clean water and enjoy.

    The Clearly Filtered pitcher boasts simple and superior functionality. It does not require electricity nor counter space. It can be easily stored in the shelf or door of any fridge to keep water cold and to help prevent bacteria growth. Plus, it doesn’t produce wastewater like AquaTru and other RO systems. Clearly Filtered’s pitcher is extremely powerful and extremely easy to use, no matter the situation.

    Technology: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    AquaTru’s Filtration Technology:

    Touted as an RO system, AquaTru’s technology is highly inefficient and exponentially weaker than most RO systems. Yet it’s plagued by the same flaws all RO systems share: It blindly captures beneficial nutrients and minerals from your water, and it abuses Earth’s limited resources by producing wastewater every time it’s used. 

    Clearly Filtered’s Filtration Technology:

    Clearly Filtered leverages its proprietary Affinity Filtration Technology to produce cleaner water than RO systems like AquaTru’s. Its pitcher filter removes up to 99.9% of over triple the contaminants of the AquaTru system, and its sophisticated filtration technology recognizes essential minerals and intentionally allows them to pass through the filter. Plus, there is never any excess wastewater, tasteless “dead water,” or the need to remineralize water following filtration.

    Filter Type: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    AquaTru’s Electric-Powered System:

    AquaTru relies on electricity to function. This eliminates the need for plumbing, however it limits where you can store and use the bulky system. Remember, an electrical outlet must be nearby. Like any electrical device, there are reports of the technology being unreliable and finicky. 

    Remember, AquaTru can leave you in bind when you’re on the go or when disaster strikes. Look no further than TexasCalifornia, and Colorado for recent examples of natural disasters and crises leaving Americans without power and in some cases, exposing tap water to even more hidden dangers

    Clearly Filtered’s Gravity-Fed System

    Clearly Filtered’s pitcher filter is gravity powered, meaning it does not require any electrical power or energy to operate. It cleans your water anytime, anywhere, without unsightly cords or technical difficulties. It’s perfect for daily use and is lightweight and portable so you always have access to clean water, no matter the situation.

    Performance: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    Which Filtration System Removes More Contaminants?

    The most widely accepted metrics used to measure filter performance are the number of contaminants targeted and associated removal rates. AquaTru only targets up to 83 contaminants. Clearly Filtered, on the other hand, targets over 365 contaminants. In other words, Clearly Filtered’s pitcher filter is over three times more powerful than the AquaTru filtration system.

    Which Contaminants Are Targeted?

    Both systems remove common contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, nitrates, and PFAs. However, Clearly Filtered’s pitcher filter is effective against at least 282 additional chemicals, metals, and toxins that the AquaTru system can’t. 

    Comparing Removal Rates:


    • The full list of contaminants AquaTru targets can be found here
    • The full list of contaminants Clearly Filtered targets can be found here.

    Dimensions and Design: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    At 14 inches tall, 14 inches deep, and 12 inches wide, the AquaTru system is comparable in size to a large crock pot. Therefore, finding the countertop space for it (and a nearby outlet) is challenging. Plus, it’s a load to move. It weighs 16 pounds when it is empty. AquaTru is just as big as larger RO systems, steals space where you need it most, and puts your water in a compromised position by storing it at room temperature.

    Clearly Filtered’s pitcher is significantly smaller than AquaTru’s system and designed to slide right into your fridge or fit easily into the door’s shelves. The portable pitcher stays out of sight while keeping your water cold and clean inside your fridge to help prevent bacteria growth. 

    Maintenance and Upkeep: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    AquaTru Replacement Filters:

    AquaTru’s system contains three filters, all of which require regular changing at different time intervals. As you can see below, you must replace at least one filter three to four times a year. Remember, more filters doesn’t mean more performance. In total, AquaTru’s filters target just 83 contaminants. Meanwhile, Clearly Filtered’s pitcher filters are effective against 365+.

    • Filter 1. Pre-Filter: Must be replaced every 6 months. $25 (including shipping).
    • Filter 2. Carbon VOC filter: Must be replaced every year. $35 (including shipping).
    • Filter 3. Reverse Osmosis filter: Must be replaced every 2 years. $55 (including shipping).

    Clearly Filtered Replacement Filters: 

    The Clearly Filtered pitcher houses one advanced filter that virtually eliminate 282+ more contaminants than the AquaTru system. The filter must be replaced after every 100 gallons filtered. The average household will change the filter about three times a year.

    Replacement filters cost $55. However, you can save by buying in bulk or joining our discounted filter subscription service

    Maintenance & Upkeep Summary: 

    Clearly Filtered requires less maintenance and upkeep, while both systems require filter replacements about three times a year. However, with three filters requiring regular changes at different frequencies, it can feel like you’re constantly fooling around with replacement filters to maintain your AquaTru. If convenience, ease of use, or performance are top of mind, Clearly Filtered is the clear winner. 

    If convenience, ease of use, or performance are top of mind, Clearly Filtered is the clear winner. 

    Warranty: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    AquaTru’s filtration system comes with a limited one-year warranty. An extended 3-year warranty can be purchased for an additional fee. Clearly Filtered’s filtered pitcher comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Not only is Clearly Filtered a superior product, it’s backed by a superior warranty.

    Price: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    The AquaTru system currently sells for $449 or $499 dependent on which option you choose. Clearly Filtered’s filtered pitcher is just $90. Despite the lopsided price tags, the Clearly Filtered system is significantly more powerful than its pricey competitor. In short, Clearly Filtered gives you a more powerful and reliable system while saving you $359+ upfront. 

    Summary: AquaTru vs Clearly Filtered

    Which Filter Is Right For You?

    As you can see, AquaTru is a costly, wasteful, and weak filtration system. Despite its hefty price tag, it filters a total of just 83 contaminants. Tack on its bulky design, complex functionality, and subpar removal rates, and Clearly Filtered is the clear winner in just about every category.

    Clearly Filtered’s filtered pitcher produces significantly cleaner water than AquaTru’s filtration system with fewer hassles, worries, and headaches.

    Clearly Filtered’s filtered pitcher produces significantly cleaner water than AquaTru’s filtration system with fewer hassles, worries, and headaches. Clearly Filtered boasts advanced filtration technology, a simple and portable design, and proven performance data. Ultimately, it makes getting the cleanest water as easy as possible on you. And with over 365 contaminants targeted, it significantly outperforms AquaTru. 

    The bottom line is Clearly Filtered is a smarter, stronger, and more efficient filtration system. Click here to get your Clearly Filtered filtered pitcher now.

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