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Affinity® Filtration Technology

Back in 2009, we started to learn more about the many contaminants that are frequently found in tap water. The more we learned, the more alarmed we became. We found it unacceptable that there are "acceptable” levels of dangerous chemicals, metals, and toxins lurking in the water we drink every day. So we developed what is now known as Affinity® Filtration Technology to address the many contaminants that continue to pollute our tap water today.

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Not all filters are created equal
How We're Different

Unlike typical filters, Affinity Filtration uses a unique dual-technology approach that can remove up to 99.9% of 365+ contaminants. 

A smart magnet for your water
How Affinity Filtration Technology Works

Our breakthrough Affinity Filtration Technology uses both magnet-like chemical absorption and a unique physical structure to provide superior contaminant filtration. This dual approach allows us to uniquely target and capture contaminants at a microscopic scale, making Clearly Filtered the only filter that can target a full spectrum of tap water contaminants. 

Unique Physical Structure

As contaminants move through a filter built with Affinity Filtration Technology, they have to travel through many twists and turns, as opposed to traveling in a straight line.

This provides more time for the water to contact the filter, which gives the contaminant magnets more time to do their work. The longer the filtration time, the more thorough the contaminant protection. When it comes to water filtration, slow is a good thing.

Unique Physical Structure
Contaminant Magnet

You can think of Affinity Filtration as a combination of tiny, powerful magnets that recognize the ionic signatures of very specific types of harmful and dangerous contaminants.

When a contaminant is detected, one of the magnets draws it out of the water and binds to it with a powerful and lasting bond. This keeps the contaminant locked in the filter and out of your water for good.

Contaminant Magnet
Are you being fooled by your current filter?
The Problem With Standard Filters

Standard water filters rely on simple carbon or charcoal, which are only effective at capturing unpleasant odors and tastes. These filters are not capable of stopping complex, dangerous chemicals and heavy metals (fluoride, lead, and chromium-6, just to name a few), and instead allow them to pass right through the filter into the water you're drinking. To us, this is unacceptable.

Water should be good for your health
We're Raising the Bar

Many contaminants, like lead, chromium-6, mercury, and arsenic, are toxic at levels well below what humans can taste. A typical filter could produce water that tastes fine, but it would still contain all of the dangerous chemicals that were there in the first place. Our filters go beyond taste to provide water that supports good health. We do this by targeting the most harmful chemicals, metals, and contaminants at levels so small they are measured in parts per billion. No other filter can compete.

Contaminants Filtered
Clearly Filtered
Standard Filter
Technology that can tell the good from the bad
Truly Smart Technology

While targeting impurities is the most important job of any water filter, the ability to recognize beneficial minerals should not be overlooked. Affinity Filtration Technology is unique because it does not target beneficial minerals found in water that help keep you healthy and hydrated, in addition to providing superior contaminant filtration.

Activated Alumina - Free
Activated Alumina - Free
BPA - Free
BPA - Free
Bone Char - Free
Bone Char - Free
Rigorously tested, clinically proven, certified results
Technology You Can Trust

Affinity Filtration Technology has been independently tested and certified by third-party EPA-approved laboratories that use established NSF drinking water standards. The same filters that we sell are what get tested in the lab, and the filters are tested in the lab in the same way they are used in your home.

Additionally, we test at 3-10 times the legal limit for each contaminant to ensure our technology can perform in any tap water, anywhere, no matter how extreme the conditions.

Going Above and Beyond
Technology That Surpasses Regulations

In the United States only about 100 tap water contaminants are regulated. Clearly Filtered, on the other hand, targets 365 and counting. These include regulated, unregulated, and emerging contaminants, to make sure you are protected from the risks we know of today and those we could learn about tomorrow.


Chemical contaminants are naturally occurring or man-made elements or compounds. Examples include arsenic, BPA, chromium-6, fluoride, glyphosate, human hormones, lead, microplastics, pesticides, and PFAS.

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Physical contaminants primarily impact the physical appearance or physical properties of water. Examples are sediment or organic material from soil erosion that end up in bodies of water.

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Clearly Filtered Removes Up To
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Radiological contaminants are chemical elements that can emit ionizing radiation, which can disrupt the molecular structure of living things. Examples include cesium, plutonium, and uranium.

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We believe in radical transparency
See Our Performance Data

We freely publish all of our performance data, including the levels of contamination before filtration, after filtration, and the percent of removal. We encourage you to check out the data for yourself – we think you'll find it pretty refreshing.

Clean Water, Your Way
Upgrade Your Water

Whether you're concerned about water for drinking, cooking, showering, or all of the above, we offer a range of superior filtration products that provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water is truly clean and safe.

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New Contaminants are always emerging, but we've got you covered
Our Commitment to You

Each time a new or emerging contaminant comes to our attention, we retest and republish our data to ensure we continue to provide water that is truly clean and safe. We are committed to always improving our technology, because it's the right thing to do.

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