Should You Be Worried About Chlorine in Your Water?

One of the most prevalent chemicals in tap water is chlorine. It is highly effective at removing unwanted microorganisms from our water because it is a disinfectant. Treatment facilities heavily rely on it to make untreated water potable. While those same facilities do take steps to reduce the chlorine once it has done its job much of it remains in our tap water when we drink it. So, we know it kills small, harmful organisms, but what do small amounts of chlorine do to the human body?

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Research in this area has been growing over the last few years but the dangers of chlorine have been known for decades. What dangers you ask? You guessed it: cancer. A 1980 study by the U.S. Council of Environment Quality reported that the risk of cancer is 93% higher for those who were in contact with chlorinated water. That certainly got our attention. The reason chlorine is so dangerous is that it can mix with a variety of organic materials to form disinfectant byproducts. A number of these contaminants are called Trihalomethanes which are extremely carcinogenic. Another disinfectant byproduct is called chloramine: it is the combination of chlorine and ammonia.

the risk of cancer is 93% higher for those who were in contact with chlorinated water

The trade-off of microorganism free water for water that is highly carcinogenic doesn’t quite make sense to us. A lot of popular water filter brands try to remedy this problem by reducing chlorine. After all, chlorine has a distinct taste and smell that we are naturally very cautious of and certainly would not want to consume. While these popular filters reduce it enough to be unnoticeable to our palate, they not reduce it enough to render it harmless.

That is where Clearly Filtered steps into not just reduce chlorine, but to remove it. Every one of the filters produced by Clearly Filtered is expertly designed to remove both Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine from your water. Our shower heads keep your hair and skin healthy by keeping them chlorine-free, not to mention preventing chlorine inhalation in a steamy shower or bath. The filters used in our pitchers, bottles, Under the Sink units, and water towers remove chlorine at a rate of up to 99.9%, well beyond anything water treatment facilities are capable of achieving.

So, while chlorine provides a benefit it also comes with a cost. With Clearly Filtered you can eliminate that cost and make sure that you and your family drink water that is carcinogen-free. Drink water that is clean and safe. Drink Clearly Filtered.

Posted on Dec 07, 2018 by Sigrid Campbell

Regularly Swimming in chlorinated pool water made me SICK and sapped my ENERGY, all of which stopped when I took to walking instead of swimming. I, not my DOCTOR enlightened me, NO WONDER. My being sick added to the DOCTOR’s gravy train.
I am also much more energetic since drinking chlorine free Clearly Filtered water. Hallelujah!

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