Tips for Keeping Your Cut Flowers Fresh

Did you get some fresh roses or cut flowers from your Valentine yesterday? Did you treat yourself to some? Here are a few tips we have on keeping flowers fresh and lively for as long as possible!

What water should I use for fresh flowers?

Make sure to use the cleanest water available! This may seem obvious, but chemicals and other contaminants found in tap water will shorten the lifespan of your cut flowers (and you!). Use only the cleanest water from your Clearly Filtered Pitcher or Under the Sink Filter System. The harsh, damaging chemicals and harmful contaminants will be taken out and your flowers will benefit from the trace minerals left in the water. We also recommend giving your flowers fresh water to drink every day and trimming the stems of your flowers every few days.
If available, we recommend adding both a small amount of sugar, that will serve as food for flowers, and apple cider vinegar, that acts as an antibacterial agent.
Normally, just adding sugar to your water will act as food for your flower, unfortunately, it’s also food for the bacteria that can grow in your vase. Along with changing your water regularly, we recommend adding apple cider vinegar to inhibit bacterial growth. In a quart vase, just add two tablespoons each of sugar and apple cider vinegar. A quart of water is 32 oz or half of what your Clearly Filtered Pitcher holds when full.

How should I store flowers to keep them alive longer?

Just like your pitcher, we recommend storing your flowers in the refrigerator. Just place them in your fridge before going to bed and bring them out to show them off the next morning. Cold temperatures slow the aging process of fresh flowers and will help them last longer. This is also why florists often store their flowers in refrigerators before displaying them.
Finally, try your best to keep flowers out of the sunlight or direct heat helps them extend their lifespan. Heat from the sun will cause flowers to wilt. Make sure to store your flowers where bright light is available but not in direct sunlight.
Remember, your flowers will appreciate the extra care you show them and will stay fresher if you take these extra steps. Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day and are looking forward to fresh flowers this Spring! 
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