24oz Tritan Filtered Water Bottle BPA free
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24oz Tritan Filtered Water Bottle BPA free
24oz Tritan Filtered Water Bottle BPA free

24oz Tritan Filtered Water Bottle BPA free

Powerful Filtration for On-the-Go Hydration

The Clearly Filtered® 24-Ounce Tritan® Water Bottle with Affinity® Filtration Technology allows you to transform ordinary tap water into clean and safe drinking water by simply sipping through the straw. Wherever the day takes you, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your tap water is free from up to 99.9% of 220+ contaminants. Perfect for the gym, water fountains, restaurants, and more.

  • 24oz capacity
  • Filter Included: Includes first replaceable Affinity Filtration filter 
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Free Shipping USA
Free Shipping USA
Lifetime Guarantee
Lifetime Guarantee
Built in the USA
Built in the USA
30 Day Worry Free Trial
30 Day Worry Free Trial
The Bottle


Our non-squeezable filtered bottle is made of 100% BPA free, medical-grade Tritan® materials. This ensures it doesn’t leach chemicals or emit any odors or bad tastes into your filtered water.


24-Ounce Capacity

We’ve found our 24-oz bottle to be just the right size for hydrating on the go without excess bulk.


Easy-Clean Mouthpiece

The hygienic flip-top mouthpiece makes for easy sipping and stores out of the way when not in use. It’s also a cinch to clean when the day is done.

The Filter

Affinity Filtration Technology

The filter in our water bottle is powered by the same Affinity Filtration Technology as our water pitcher filter, under-the-sink filter, and refrigerator filter, providing superior contaminant removal on the go.


Removes 220+ Contaminants

Our bottle filter, powered by Affinity Filtration Technology, removes up to 99.9% of fluoride, lead, mercury, BPA, glyphosate, pesticides, and a total of 220+ potential tap water contaminants.


25-Gallon Filter Life

With a 25-gallon filter life, the Clearly Filtered 24-Ounce Tritan® Water Bottle provides clean and safe drinking water for 133 fill-ups. This means if you fill up twice a day, you’ll need to replace your filter about every 2 months. Only fill up once a day? Replace every 4 months. 


Published Performance Data

At Clearly Filtered, we believe in radical transparency, so we freely publish the results of our independent laboratory testing for your review. We think you’ll find it pretty refreshing. View now. 

Nice Water Bottle
5 stars
Nice Water Bottle

I like the size. I like that it's light weight. I like that it's clear and you can see what's in it. I like that the spout folds down in is protected. I'm getting used to how hard you have to suck to get water through the filter, but I'm sure that's necessary to actually filter the water. I would buy it again.

Greg V.
Verified Buyer
In love
5 stars
In love

This water bottle has saved me from hauling jugs of filtered water to work every day. I also have almost doubled my water intake because it so easy to use.

Tracey Y.
Verified Buyer
Great product
5 stars
Great product

Easy to use, great for travel

Carie S.
Verified Buyer
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Filter Reviews:
United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent Use and Customer Service

I bought this water bottle for vacation to ensure I had clean water. I use the filters regularly, also. I had put it to good use apparently because the straw cracked, but Clearly Filtered had wonderful customer service and shipped me a replacement immediately. Thanks for a wonderful product and experience!

Tonia S.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great water bottle!

I love using this water bottle. It’s great just being able to fill it up at my kitchen sink and not having to worry about fluoride and other junk in my water!

Jane H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Love this bottle

What's not to love: the water tastes great for starters. I'm a klutz and drop things all the time, so the BPA free plastic doesn't break when I do. I can get fresh, clean water wherever I go. It's easy to clean. And the subscription means I don't have to keep track of when I need to change the filter, brilliant!

Chris H.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Clean water anywhere

Great, lightweight BPA Free Water bottle, with an easy-to-use filter. Allows for Clearly Filtered water anywhere. It Saves time pays for itself and reduces carbon impact. Wish I had purchased sooner. The flow on the straw does require a little patience.

Sharon S.
United States United States
fresh water naywhere


Tech Specs
100% BPA & BPS Free Medical-Grade Tritan
2.9 x 2.9 x 10
Bottle Replacement Filter
Filter Life
25 Gallons
Lifetime Guarantee
Questions We Get Often
How long will the filter last?
The bottle filter lasts up to 25 gallons or 6 months (whichever comes first). This number may vary depending on how often it is used and the amount of contaminants in the water. Generally speaking, 25 gallons is about 145 fills in this bottle.
How do I clean the water bottle? Is it dishwasher safe?
The Tritan® water bottle can be cleaned in the dishwasher. However, the mouthpiece and straw need to be hand-washed in warm, soapy water and air dried with the lid off. Never wash the filter.
What’s the bottle made of?
Our bottle is made of a material called Tritan®. It is a medical-grade, premium plastic free of BPA (Bisphenol A), BPS (Bisphenol S), and EA (estrogenic activity). You can learn more about Tritan here.
Which contaminants does the water bottle remove? (e.g., Fluoride, Lead, Chlorine)
Our filtration technology removes over 220 contaminants. We use an independent, EPA-certified lab to rigorously test our filters to NSF standards. Here are just a few of the more notorious contaminants this filter removes:
  • Fluoride: removed at a rate of 99.5%. It is difficult to remove once it’s added into the tap water and typical carbon-block style filters don’t have fluoride removal capabilities. For that reason we specially formulated our technology so fluoride removal is standard with every filter.
  • Glyphosate: The active ingredient in Roundup® weed killer. Our filters remove >99.9% of this highly controversial chemical.
  • Lead: Even though it’s been widely banned due to its highly poisonous nature, lead pipes remain in use across all 50 states. Lead is harmful to human health even at low exposure levels and accumulates in the body over time. Removed at a rate of >99.3%.
  • Chlorine: While chlorine is effective at reducing the spread of infectious waterborne diseases, it reacts with naturally-occurring materials in water to form dangerous chemical byproducts that threaten your health. Removed at a rate of >99.5%.
We are all about transparency so we post our full test results on our Test Results Page.
Is it hard to drink water through the straw?
The filter contains a dense block of filtration materials. As you draw water up through the straw the filter will cause some restriction in the flow of water, but it should feel similar to drinking a thick milkshake.